Supreme Council of Canada Reference Library

The Library of Canada’s Supreme Council holds a small but unique collection of books, periodicals and other items. Many of our oldest books have come down to us from the private collections of the founders of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in Canada—names such as Douglas Harington (our first Sovereign Grand Commander), John Walter Murton (our first Grand Secretary General), and even Dr. Albert Mackey (a contemporary of Illustrious Brothers Murton, Moore, and Harington).

We operate as a Reference Library and do not have a book lending program. Instead, our committee is focused on producing electronic content based on the materials in the library, which we make available through this website. It is our hope that through this program the library can provide value to our members throughout the jurisdiction.

Please note that any opinions expressed within the library materials posted here are those of the authors, and do not represent the official position of Supreme Council.

The catalogue of our collection is also posted on this website so that researchers can identify any materials in our collection that are relevant to their work. Physical access to the collection is available to any member of the Rite by appointment. In addition, if other researchers need access to the collection (whether they are Freemasons or not) we ask that they make contact with us through the Supreme Council office, and we will arrange appropriate access to support reasonable research projects.

Current Catalogue of Books

Library Catalogue 20180827


Welcome To The Supreme Council of Canada Reference Library
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