Discovery Papers

In Craft Lodges, the new mason is required to memorize questions and answer exercises to demonstrate that he knows the basics of the three degrees.  Although there is no such requirement for the Scottish Rite degrees, there is a strong desire by new member to learn about the degrees and discuss them with more learned brothers.

With that in mind the Education and Enlightenment Committee of Supreme Council have created Question and Answer exercises for the Lodge of Perfection Degrees.  Answers can, for the most part, be found by reading the various rituals.  Members who are interested in learning more are encouraged to review the Discovery Papers below and to contact their Valley Secretary who can provide more information and assist in connecting new members with a Mentor who can guide their learning.

Degree Discovery Papers

4th Degree Discovery

5th degree Discovery

6th degree Discovery

7th Degree Discovery

8th degree Discovery

9th degree Discovery

10th degree Discovery

11th Degree Discovery

12th Degree Discovery

13th Degree Discovery

14th Degree Discovery

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