Ex Libris Videos

The Ex Libris video series started out as an outreach program of the Supreme Council Reference Library. The Library Committee’s philosophy is that rather than expecting members to come in to the library, it should go to them. To that end we began recording videos that present items of interest from the library’s collection of books and other artefacts.

While many of the videos still revolve around books, the subject matter has quickly expanded to encompass many topics of interest to Freemasons and the general public alike. We hope you find them interesting.

Welcome To The Supreme Council of Canada Reference Library
Episode 1: The Four Old Lodges
Episode 2: Outlines
Episode 3: Locating the Four Old Lodges
Episode 4: Fractional Dates in Old Books
Episode 5: Preston's Illustrations of Masonry
Episode 6: Downloading Books from the Internet
Episode 7: Masonic Dates
Episode 8: Constitutions
Episode 9: Fake News Part 1
Episode 10: Fake News Part 2
Episode 11: Time Immemorial
Episode 12: Dr. George Oliver DD
Episode 13: Printers Marks
Episode 14: Margaret C. Jacob
Episode 15: William James Bury MacLeod Moore
Episode 16: T. Douglas Harington
Episode 17: J. Walter Murton
Episode 18: Ars Quatuor Coronatorum
Episode 19: Albert G. Mackey MD
Episode 20: Masonic Origins
Episode 21: e-Library
Episode 22: Sapiens
Episode 23: World Cafe
Episode 24: Good Men
Episode 25: 47th Proposition of the First Book of Euclid
Episode 26: The Journey of the Elu to Enlightenment
Episode 27: The Mythical School
Episode 28: The Verified School
Episode 29: The Academic School
Episode 30: The Sensationalist School
Episode 31: The Anti-Masonic School
Episode32: The Counter-Narrative School
Episode 33: The Esoteric School
Episode 34: Scottish Rite Rings
Episode 35: The Byrne Window

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