Stone & Mortar / Trowel & Sword

A serialized, Investigative, Descriptive Narrative regarding the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The Story begins at a beginning; for there truly are many beginnings; and eventually will end; although our story never truly can end. This is a Story with historical characters, scenery, pictures, background, actions and inactions with an ineffable plot. This is not an academic treatise. There are no footnotes or citations. There are, however, interesting bits of information which are irrevocably attached to other interesting bits of information, in ways in which you have been unaware.  Roderick L. Jones 330

Disclaimer: All information and content contained in these articles is freely provided and is intended for the education and enlightenment of the reader. The factual information, quotations and illustrations included in these articles are entirely collected for fair usage from non-proprietary sources in the public domain. The opinions, conjecture, speculation and associations are the author's own.

Book One - Distant Shores

Book 1 Distant Shores

Book Two - A Flickering Flame

Book 2 A Flickering Flame, 2nd Edition

Book Three - A New Dawn

Book 3 A New Dawn, Part #1
Book 3 A New Dawn, Part #2
Book 3 A New Dawn, Part #3
Book 3 A New Dawn, Part #4
Book 3 A New Dawn, Part #5



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